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Episode 011: The Beauty in Loss with Misha Inspires

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I have another exciting guest on the podcast to join me in a conversation about spirituality. In this episode, I had on Misha, of Misha Inspires.

I actually met Misha through my daughter who is in the same sorority as her. Misha went through grief and loss at a very young age and it has shifted her perspectives on life in so many profound ways.

At such a young age, she brings so much wisdom and insight. We talked about energy shifting, finding happiness in your calling and the realizations she’s had around relinquishing control.

What you’ll find in this episode:

How Misha and I got to know each other

What brought Misha into spirituality

Her views on religion and spirituality

The realization she had when she lost her cousin

How she’s been able to cultivate energy shifting

How Misha’s been able to find genuine happiness in her purpose

What she’s learned about relinquishing control

Her journey of going back to the basics

Links mentioned:

Misha’s Instagram @Misha_Inspires

The Interior Castle by Teresa of Àvila

Authentic Happiness by Martin E.P. Seligman Ph.D.

Are you ready to go deeper? I am giving you the keys to the castle. If you enjoyed this podcast and want to hear more, make sure to subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode! You can connect more by visiting me on my website or connecting with me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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