Episode 1: Happiness

001: Happiness Can’t Be Found Outside of You

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Our world is full of people who spend their lives trying to check off imaginary boxes of expectations that society has put in place for them. We’ve listened to our parents, society, school, the church, friends, family, etc. about the things that we’re “supposed” to be doing to live a full and fulling life, but it’s all a bunch of bull shit.

The truth is: there is no one way to happiness.

In this episode, I talked about how happiness is an inside job and how it can’t be found outside of yourself. You’ll hear a lot of insight on this topic and an overview of what’s to come on this podcast!

I know these things about being happy because I make it my business to know a lot about a lot of things - I am a bit of a lifetime learner. Oh, and I also spend a lot of time listening to dead people. My goal in this podcast is to help you find you and figure out who the hell you are!

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • What topics I’ll be covering on the podcast and why I decided to start it

  • How we tend to make life more difficult than it needs to be

  • Why so many young people struggle in today’s world

  • Why you have to have the right reasons for taking on an endeavor

  • The purpose of your life

  • How there will never be “enough” boxes to check off to make you happy

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