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Episode 12: Reframe Your Life

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Episode 12: Reframe Your Life

Have you ever been the person who looks at the glass half full? Possibly you find that you’re constantly battling with having a “good day” or maybe you find yourself spending too much time arguing with friends about things you can’t change like the political landscape of our world (without running for office, of course)!

In this episode, I am talking about why you have to start reframing how you look at the challenges you face. I talk about how heaven and hell are available to you right now on Earth and how you have the choice to decide which one you experience.

You’ll hear how you can become your own hero and take the fastest route to true, genuine happiness.

What you’ll find in this episode:

How everything you need exists inside of you

Why you have to learn to look at lessons as victories

How heaven and hell are available to you right now

How you have to learn to be your own hero

Why you shouldn’t partake in a versus mentality

What the fastest way to happiness is

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