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Episode 147: The Art of Living Intentionally, Mind Edition


In today's episode, I have invited my daughter, Skylar to discuss today’s topic and we dive deep into "The Art of Living Intentionally: Mind Edition." We explore how your thoughts shape your reality, the importance of mental health, and the power of empathy.

Segment 1: Shaping Your Reality Through Thought

  • We discuss the concept of how our thoughts influence our lives.

  • Personal experiences and examples of how shifting one's mindset can lead to positive change.

  • Highlight the idea that changing your mind can change your life.

Segment 2: The Importance of Mental Health

  • Meredyth and Skylar delve into the critical topic of mental health.

  • Shares the significance of being mentally healthy about oneself and its far-reaching effects.

  • Explores the concept of how you think about yourself affects the world around you

Segment 3: Understanding Others' Experiences

  • Meredyth emphasizes the value of empathy and understanding in our interactions with others.

  • Discusses how personal experiences shape individuals' lives and perspectives.

  • Offers strategies for being more empathetic, even when we don't fully understand someone else's journey.

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Stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes, and remember, it's all about living intentionally, with a "why."

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