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Episode 30: Laura Berens is LOVE & FIT


After having her baby, Laura Berens wanted to get back in shape. This prompted her to start her clothing business, Love & Fit. In this episode, we talk about her entrepreneurship journey and how she realized the lack of workout attire for postpartum and pregnant women. She shares tips and advice for how she used Kickstarter to launch her business, how she found confidence in herself as an entrepreneur and why she believed in creating products that were inclusive of every size and stage that women are in.

What’s in this episode:

  • Why she started Love & Fit

  • Why Laura launched on Kickstarter

  • How she started out her business slowly and steadily

  • How Kickstarter works for product-based businesses

  • Her product line and her why behind creating the products

  • Where she finds confidence in entrepreneurship

  • How she juggles family and being an entrepreneur

Links mentioned:

Love & Fit (Use code: MEREDYTH10 for 10% off)

Love & Fit Instagram

Kick Starter

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