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Episode 46: Going Rogue with Jo Luehmann

So many people have “church hurt”. Religious trauma runs deep in our society and in this episode, I had on Jo Luehmann. Jo is a speaker and does work around purity culture, decolonization, white supremacy, trauma, healing, and the LGBTQ+ community. She shares why you have to be mindful about what you tie your worth to and her upbringing as a Catholic, turned Christian and her current beliefs. You’ll hear about the hierarchy of the church that grooms abuse, the cycles of trauma that plague religions and so much more!

What’s in this episode:

  • Jo’s backstory on religion and her upbringing

  • Her transition from Catholic to Christian

  • The destructiveness of church and religion

  • How justifying the treatment of “other” by way of sin and God is disparaging

  • The hierarchy that religion creates that grooms abuse

  • Why you have to be careful what you tie your worth to

  • How people are switching over to their feminine energies

  • How cycles of abuse and trauma perpetuate each other

  • Her ideas for the future of the church

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