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Episode 70: Old Programming Dies Hard

Do you ever wonder where your trust issues come from? Where your fear of something comes from? Or why you get a pit in your stomach in anticipation of something that hasn’t even happened yet? We’ve all been there. Memories live in our minds and our bodies and can give rise to trauma. And trauma responses can pop up when we least expect them to.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about how old programming can affect our lives years into the future and how important it is for us to learn from the past and reprogram so that we can move forward. When we ask ourselves questions, when we dig deep, when we give ourselves the opportunity to heal, when we make a conscious effort to move forward … That’s when we can transform into truly amazing versions of ourselves.

What’s in this episode:

Why admitting you have a problem is the first step

How to get in tune with yourself and ask questions

How to get to the root of the problem by going backward to when it first started

Acknowledging what no longer serves you and replacing it with what does

Why you can’t simply talk yourself out of trauma (and what you can do)

The importance of REprogramming and keeping old programming in the past

Why you’re never actually “stuck”

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