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Episode 82: Let's Shift Timelines


Are you experiencing a timeline shift? This is a phrase you hear a lot, especially on the spiritual side of social media. Creators are constantly talking about timeline shifts, jumping timelines, the list goes on.

You might be wondering, what is a timeline shift? In today’s episode, I am uncovering what timelines are, what happens when you change timelines and my recent story of how I experienced two back to back timeline shifts.

You see a lot of what we were told about God and Jesus have been all wrong. Religion has been masked as something completely different from what our source wants for us.

If you want to learn about timeline shifts and how news media perpetuates the cycle of matrix mania, you’re in the right place. I’m breaking it all down so we can stop the cycle of do-gooderism and experience more timeline shifts that bring forth positivity.

What’s in this episode:

  • What a timelines is

  • My experience of jumping two timelines

  • What happens to your knowledge when you change timelines

  • What the matrix is and how it affects the collective

  • How the church differs from Jesus and God

  • How God doesn’t need your help

  • How religion is a school for ideology

  • Why to avoid “do-gooderism”

  • How white supremacy and patriarchy dislikes a timeline shift

  • How the news cycle feeds the matrix mania

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