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Episode 91: Evan Cudworth Knows How To Party

Welcome to the fourth episode in the Costa Rica Creators Series, featuring my fellow TikTok creators that I met at a life-changing retreat in Costa Rica.

Needing to “loosen up” with a drink or two at the beginning of a party, family gathering, wedding reception, or other group event is a common response to the discomfort people often feel being around others. Whether it’s an in-law that makes you uncomfortable or a new group of friends, we often think we need “liquid courage” to get us through.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with my friend Evan Cudworth, a party coach who helps people revolutionize their partying experience without the need for alcohol or drugs. Evan talks about how freeing it is to get vulnerable and be yourself around others, how to get creative with your partying, and how to not rely on substances for enjoyment.

You’ll learn how to move from consumer to creator—how to enjoy yourself by creating fun and generating good vibes and living a life that you want to live instead of one that you feel like you have to escape. Taking time to connect authentically may feel awkward and vulnerable, but the connection will be that much deeper and more powerful.

What’s in this episode:

  • Evan’s life journey and how he became a party coach

  • How to experience freedom and connection without substances

  • How to reprogram partying to be more about connectedness and experiences

  • Pinpointing the fear that is associated with needing “a drink or two” to feel comfortable in a group setting

  • Why it’s helpful to sit with your feelings and move through your discomfort and vulnerability

  • Creating a life that you want, not one that you have to escape from

  • Bringing awareness into your life around alcohol consumption and not allowing judgment or shame (from yourself or others) about your choices

  • What ecstatic dance is

  • How Evan helps people to enjoy their FULL selves and learn how to up their party game to rely on vibes and fun

  • How you can work with Evan

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