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Episode 27: Printing the Narritave with Angela Engel


It’s time for industries and spaces to listen to what people are asking for. That’s exactly what my guest, Angela Engel set out to do when she founded her company, The Collective Book Studio. She wanted to transform the way the world looked at book publishing and help to break our society away from some of the more traditional publishing models.

In this episode, Angela shares why she believes in this new model of publishing and what her business does as an independent publishing house. She talks about some of the differences in her company, traditional publishing and self publishing.

You’ll get insight into her mission and the “why” behind her company. We also talk about bringing diversity and inclusion into the publishing space, her hopes for what her children will learn from her in this career path and what you should do if you have a dream of writing a book.

What’s in this episode:

  • What it means to be an independent publishing house and her take on partnership publishing

  • Why she wanted to start a different business model for publishing

  • How racism shows up in the publishing industry

  • Why she aims to bring diverse and inclusive books into this world

  • Her “why” behind her publishing company

  • What she wants her children to learn from her as an entrepreneur

  • How you can get in touch with Angela

Links mentioned:

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